Lahiri Lab

Cedars-Sinai researcher, Shouri Lahiri, MD.
Personal Statement

"I am a physician-scientist and critical care neurologist at Cedars-Sinai. My overall approach to research is to use animal models to test hypotheses generated from clinical observations at the bedside. This approach allows identification of disease mechanisms and testing treatments that can be rapidly translated to the clinical environment to improve patient-centered outcomes. These research insights inform clinical practice and enable the delivery of leading-edge and, often, lifesaving patient care."

Shouri Lahiri, MD

Research from the Lahiri Laboratory has shown that common acute systemic conditions can contribute to cognition-relevant neurological injury, including delirium and accelerated Alzheimer’s disease, which may be reversible with immune-modulating treatments.


Meet Our Team

Learn about the critical care neurology investigators in the Lahiri Laboratory who research neurological function and cognition to find discoveries that lead to treatments for patients.

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