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Lab Members

Carol Jiurong Liang, MD, MBA
Research Scientist II

Carol Jiurong Liang, MD, MBA, is the lab manager and a research scientist working on innate immune and stem cells in lung fibrosis.

Luis Cheng, MS
Research Associate

Luis Cheng, MS, is working on transcriptional control of fibroblast activation.

Adrianne Kurkciyan, MS
Research Associate

Adrianne Kurkciyan, MS, works on acquisition of human samples of pulmonary fibrosis, isolation of fibroblasts, and characterization of fibroblast heterogenecity.

Stanley Ningshan Liu, BMed
Research Associate

Stanley Ningshan Liu, BMed, is a research associate. He cares for animals in the lab and performs in vivo experiments, including mouse lung injury models.

Ting Xie, PhD
Project Scientist

Ting Xie, PhD, is a project scientist working on the role of mesenchymal transcription factors in lung fibrosis using genetic tracing techniques.

Yan Geng, PhD
Postdoctoral Scientist
Jessica Monterossa Mena
Research Associate

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