Personal Statement

My goal is to uncover the fundamental mechanisms that lead to the development of lupus and discover ways to use this knowledge to better treat and manage this debilitating disease. To achieve this, I have focused on establishing strong working collaborations with leading rheumatologists, both in the U.S. and Ireland who specialize in lupus research. In doing so, I have established a productive translational research program that to date has focused on two central questions: How does the innate immune system contribute to the pathogenesis of lupus, and why are women more susceptible to the disease? Now, having joined the Cedars-Sinai Rheumatology Division, my Jefferies Laboratory is taking this information to the next level and asking what are the specific immune pathways that underpin different organ involvement in lupus, specifically looking at heart and lung disease. As my lab begins to uncover immune pathways that are important in driving pathology in different organs, the hope is that we can use this information to provide the rationale for repurposing existing therapies.

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