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Personal Statement

My doctoral and initial postdoctoral experiences were in the field of autonomic innervation to sweat glands and skin in pathological states. These studies, under the tutelage of Timothy Cowen, PhD, at Royal Free Hospital during my graduate studies, and Peter Smith, PhD, at University of Kansas during my postdoctoral studies, resulted in 16 published papers.

Wohaib Hasan, MS, PhD

Thromboembolic complications are a significant cause of morality and re-hospitalization in heart failure patients. One potential source of thrombi is the endocardial endothelial surface of the heart. The Hasan Lab is interested in understanding how nerve-endothelial interactions are dysregulated in heart failure, resulting in a compromised endothelium and increased propensity for thrombus formation.

Collaborations & Resources

Reagents and Resources
  • Activity assays for APC, TFPI, vWF, and vWF binding assays
  • Platelet aggregometry
  • Heart failure mouse models (CREBA133)
  • Human endocardial endothelial cell culture
  • Cardiac nerve stimulations
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