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Microbiome Research

Selected Microbiome Research Programs

Fungi, the Immune System and Inflammatory Response

Mucosal-Microbiome Interaction

Jonathan Braun, MD, PhD, and team study the biology of mucosal-microbiome interaction and its impact on mucosal inflammation and cancer. The focus of his research is to define how host genetics and mucosal microbial ecology shape intestinal immunoregulation, inflammatory bowel pathogenesis and intestinal carcinogenesis. This work is based in both human and murine models using innovative 'omic' and bioinformatic-based approaches (functional immune assessment, tissue proteomics, genome-wide genetics, and microbiome metagenomics and metabolomics).

Projects underway include metaboproteomic assessment of microbiome ecology, the development of an innovative tool to impute intestinal microbiome composition and function from the plasma metabolome, and studies of epithelial autoimmunity in IBD pathogenesis.

Diet, Microbial Composition and Inflammation

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