OnCore & Clinical Trial Informatics

Clinical Trial Informatics

OnCore ™ Clinical Trial Management System

  • Single database to access and track all cancer protocols
  • Follow protocol through the life of the study
  • Metric reporting (i.e. activation timelines)
  • IRB & Scientific review documentation
  • Interface with electronic medical record
  • Consent, screening, registration, eligibility and subject status
  • Interface with electronic medical record
  • Tracks procedures, assessments, treatment and visit schedules
  • Outlines standard of care or research procedures
  • Facilitates accurate clinical trials / research billing and timely payments
  • Budgeting, coverage analysis
  • Invoice generation, receivables tracking
  • Financial reporting
  • Unplanned visits/procedures, exceptions

Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap)

Research Informatics & Scientific Computing Core (RISSC)

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