IBD Drug Development

Cedars-Sinai provides virtually every known gastroenterologic analytical procedure and treatment for digestive diseases and disorders. Cedars-Sinai combines inpatient and outpatient programs and state-of-the-art technology, specialized and internationally renowned physicians, and a body of research.

Our role in IBD Digestive Disease Research is to discover new therapeutics and share cutting edge knowledge about the digestive system and the diseases that impact the lives of millions across the world. We offer a team of research-scientists and clinicians who believe in a "bench to bedside" approach to moving discoveries out of laboratories and closer to reality in clinical trials and the treatment of patients with digestive diseases.

Through our research, we seek to speed up the drug discovery process and help put new therapeutic drugs on the market.

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8700 Beverly Blvd., Davis Building
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Dermot McGovern, MD, PhD, FRCP
Janine Bilsborough, PhD