Meet Our Nursing Research Team

Our esteemed Nursing Research Department members all have the strong credentials and experience required to conduct their own research and mentor nurses throughout the organization. They lead in generating, applying and evaluating best practices that promote safe, quality patient experiences and outcomes. Our research team excels in research design and methodology and works collaboratively with interprofessional research teams.

Team Members

Bernice Coleman

Director of the Nursing Research Department and Performance Improvement Department; Research Scientist III; Assistant Professor, Medicine and Biomedical Sciences; Nurse Practitioner, Heart Transplantation and Mechanical Circulatory Support Programs; Smidt Heart Institute, Cedars-Sinai

Health Disparities with a focus on exploring the racial outcomes of post-heart transplantation African and Caucasian Americans. Her work extends to the African American church space with a focus on community engagement, teaching clients to monitor sodium intake, blood pressure and activity as an approach to managing and preventing hypertension. Dr. Coleman is a board-certified Acute Care Nurse Practitioner with a Master of Science in Nursing from the Yale School of Nursing and a PhD from the UCLA School of Nursing. She has completed postdoctoral studies in the HLA Laboratory at Cedars-Sinai and the NINR Summer Genetics Institute. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Nursing and has presented her work nationally and internationally in heart transplantation.

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McRae, M., Chan, A, Hulett, R., Lee, A. & Coleman, B. The Effectiveness of and Satisfaction with High-Fidelity Simulation to Teach Cardiac Surgical Resuscitation Skills. Intensive and Critical Care Nurses. 2017 Jun; 40:64-69. PMID: 25680682.

Morris, A, Kransdorf, E. Coleman, B, Colvin, M. Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Outcomes After Heart Transplantation: Are We Closing the Gap? Journal of Heart Lung Transplantation. 2016; 35(8):953-961. PMID: 27080415.

Harriet Udin Aronow

Research Scientist IV; Professor, Medicine and Biomedical Sciences; Health Services Research and Research Design/Methods; PhD, Applied Social Psychology, Claremont Graduate University

Dr. Aronow works in interprofessional team research. Her research has focused on evaluation of home and community-based preventive health interventions, health services for vulnerable populations, and nursing outcomes and quality improvement. Dr. Aronow has a doctorate in applied social psychology from Claremont Graduate University, nationally known for its program in evaluation research. She has had a 40-year career in applied health services research and evaluation research in community, inpatient, and ambulatory healthcare delivery settings. For three years, she has been working in a collaboration between the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing (AAACN) and the Collaborative Alliance for Nursing Outcomes (CALNOC) to develop nursing sensitive performance indicators and a benchmark data registry for ambulatory care nursing.

Aronow, H. U., Fila, S., Martinez, B., Sosna, T. Depression and the Coleman Care Transitions Intervention. Social Work in Health Care. 2018. (Published online: 17 Jul 2018)

Ansryan, L. Z., Aronow, H. U., Borenstein, J. E., et al. Systems Addressing Frail Elder (SAFE) Care: Description of a successful model. Journal of Nursing Administration. 2018; 48(1): 11-17.

Borenstein, J., Aronow, H. U., Burnes Bolton, L., Dimalanta, M. I., Chan, E., Palmer, K., Zhang, X., Rosen, B., and Braunstein, G. D. Identification and Team-Based Interprofessional Management of Hospitalized Vulnerable Older Adults. Nursing Outlook. 2016; 64(2), 137–145.

Brown, D.S., Aronow, H. U. Reaching for the Tipping Point in Measuring Nurse-Sensitive Quality in the Ambulatory Surgical and Procedure Environments. Nursing Economic$. 2016; 34(3), 147-151.

Selina Davis

Management Assistant II

LaKeisha M. Hall

Research Administrator Coordinator; Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Master of Public Administration, Emphasis in Health Care Management
Languages spoken: English

Linda Kim

Research Scientist I; Health Services Research, Patient Safety, Interprofessional Collaboration; Languages spoken: English and Korean

Dr. Kim's research program involves studies evaluating the effects of multilevel structures and processes, including interprofessional collaboration, on healthcare provider and patient safety outcomes across various settings. Dr. Kim's clinical and operations experience as a nursing administrator and academic and postdoctoral research training in health service research and quality improvement methods have allowed her to develop a unique set of skills to effectively lead health services research. She is currently collaborating with interprofessional researchers, healthcare providers, and staff on various systems-wide and community-based research, as well as development of nursing sensitive indicators and a benchmark data registry for ambulatory care settings. She received her PhD in Nursing and her MSN in Nursing Administration from UCLA. She is a member of the National Advisory Council on Nurse Education and Practice (NACNEP), which advises the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Congress on policy issues related to nurse workforce supply, education, and practice improvement; and is the current President of the Korean American Nurses Association of Southern California (KANASC).

Kim, L.Y., Giannitrapani, K., Huynh, A.K., Ganz, D.A., Hamilton, A.B., Yano, E.M., Rubenstein, L.V., Stockdale, S.E. What makes team communication effective: A qualitative analysis of interprofessional primary care team members' perspectives. Journal of Interprofessional Care. 2019. In Press.

Soban, L. M., Kim, L., Yuan, A. H., & Miltner, R. S. Organizational strategies to implement hospital pressure ulcer prevention programs: findings from a national survey. Journal of Nursing Management. 2017; 25(6), 457–467.

Kim, L., Lyder, C., McNeese-Smith, D., Leach, L.S., Needleman, J. Defining attributes of patient safety through a concept analysis. Journal of Advanced Nursing. 2015; 71(11), 2490-503.

Nia J. Mabrie

Clinical Research Data Specialist II; Provides analytical support for ongoing Nursing Research and Performance Improvement data driven quality initiatives. Responsible for managing the planning, development and design of the external data upload to outside bench marking database(s). The Research Data Specialist trains clinical research, consults on operational data issues and manages data studies. This role also maintains the accuracy, integrity and security of complex, large datasets. The role assists in the research, development and analysis of ambulatory nurse-sensitive outcomes. Ms Mabrie has expertise in area of developing electronic medical record protocol tracking processes to monitor protocol deviations.

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