Program Testimonials

Class of 2018

The fellowship year at Cedars-Sinai provided exposure to breadth and complexity in Surgical Critical Care and Trauma across multiple active surgical disciplines. I was able to learn and now apply many best practices from pharmacy, nursing and weekly journal reviews with the faculty."

George Liao, MD

Class of 2017

My year in the ICU at Cedars was both invaluable and enjoyable. I was treated as a colleague and allowed the freedom to focus on areas of critical care and trauma of interest to me both academically and clinically. I emerged with a completed set of skills to manage the sickest patients with multi-system organ failure, liver failure, complex airways and surgical cardiac disease—and to manage a team and unit caring for dozens of them at once. Not only did I learn state of the art care at one of the best hospital in the world, I was afforded easy access to research data and time to investigate, allowing me to publish a dozen articles and chapters including multiple in JAMA, and the Journal of Trauma and Critical Care Surgery during my time at Cedars. The staff are well connected in both academia and the greater Los Angeles community, securing both me and my co-fellow jobs in the Los Angeles after training. An excellent opportunity for a critical care finishing school for those already experienced in surgical trauma at a busy residency program that didn’t afford time for higher level training in the care of truly sick patients. This is not an ICU full of low level trauma patient needing placement and cheap labor from a fellow to take care of them. The patients are sick, resources are as plentiful as one would expect from this hospital and the opportunity to learn is unparalleled."

James Tatum, MD

Class of 2015

Healthcare delivery at Cedars-Sinai is at the cutting edge, and the surgical faculty are world-class. Add to that the enormous surgical volume and the support of excellent mentors in surgical critical care and trauma, then you have the perfect environment for critical care training. The surgical intensive care unit experience is robust and immersive: from day one, you truly are responsible for coordinating the unit. There are additional opportunities in the neurosurgical intensive care, cardiac intensive care, cardiothoracic surgery intensive care, and medical intensive care units. These were invaluable for my practice in a multidisciplinary intensive care unit.

The opportunities for research and networking are vast, and you will become an expert trained by a myriad of leaders in trauma and critical care."

David Hoang, MD

Class of 2015

Cedars-Sinai Surgical Critical Care fellowship allowed me to hone critical care skills amongst a very diverse population of surgical care. Advance management of liver failure and complex thoracic surgery care allowed for many learning opportunities in optimizing physiology. The available equipment in the SICU allows for quality bedside care to be delivered. Additionally, the research opportunities within the facility are plentiful with great faculty support. Lastly, transitioning from the role of learning as a resident to impart that knowledge to students at various levels of clinical training helped benefit me as an educator."

Jason Murry, MD

Class of 2014

The Surgical Critical Care Fellowship at Cedars-Sinai is unique in the sense that it gives you the experience of a true general surgery and trauma intensive care unit. I was able to take care of a wide variety of surgical patients, from septic elderly patients with perforated bowel, to critically ill liver failure patients before and after their liver transplant, to severely injured trauma patients requiring massive transfusions. There was unbelievable support from ancillary, to nursing, to attending staff. Great experience, from all aspects!"

Galinos Barmparas, MD

Class of 2013

Not only did I thoroughly enjoy my time at Cedars-Sinai, but I learned so much about surgical critical care and trauma from a tremendous group of surgical attendings and support staff. The variety and complexity, as well as the sheer quantity of patients, more than prepared me for the many challenges that can arise in caring for critically ill patients. Another asset of the program is the vast amount of resources available to the fellow, including a relatively new critical care tower with the latest and greatest equipment, such as new endoscopes, dialysis setups and various ventilators. I believe this fellowship is for anyone wanting to stay at the forefront of surgical critical care."

Jonathan Lu, MD

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