Neuropsychology Postdoctoral Training Program

Training & Curriculum

The training program is modeled after the principles set forth at the Houston Conference on Specialty Education and Training in Clinical Neuropsychology. It is scientist-practitioner based and is an integrated program of formal education and training through practice. The core domains identified by the Houston conference (assessment, intervention, consultation, supervision, research and inquiry, consumer protection and professional development) are addressed throughout the training program. Our mission is to build upon core knowledge obtained in clinical graduate courses, practica and internship, primarily in the areas of brain-behavior relationships (functional neuroanatomy, neurological disorders, neurodiagnostic techniques and neuropsychology of behavior).

The training program addresses these foundational skills through clinical practice, formal education and modeling by faculty. Our goal is to produce competent neuropsychologists who can practice independently by graduation from our residency. Residents spend at least 60% of their time in direct patient service and the remaining time is spent in educational activities.

Other requirements for graduation from the training program include completion of a research project during the 2-year residency, at least 2 didactic presentations given during the 2-year residency on a topic of the resident's choosing and completion of mock written and oral board examinations.

This training program is housed within Cedars-Sinai and at California Rehabilitation Institute.

Application Information

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