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Program Testimonials

"When I was looking for a fellowship program, I wanted a place that would challenge me. The opportunity to be the only fellow working with over 10 attending physicians meant I got to cherry pick all the best techniques and make them my own. The most important aspect of the program, though, is that I have never had as much fun working as hard as I did. The attending physicians are all very enjoyable to work with."

Brian Teng, MD

Class of 2013

The year I spent at Cedars-Sinai as the colon and rectal surgery fellow was by far the most significant period in my training. It helped me develop into the surgeon I am today. The fellowship challenged me in a way that simultaneously refined my surgical skills and clinical knowledge. At the end of my fellowship year, I felt much better prepared for my career than I had ever imagined."

Steve Ognibene, MD

Class of 2005

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Gayane Ovsepyan, MPH, Program Coordinator